• Printing of texts and logos on porous and non-porous materials.
• For difficult and dusty environments such as the cement, steel and chemical products industries.

• Does not require switching on or off procedures, therefore ideal for applications where switching off and on
reviews are frequent.

• Ideal where ease of use and compact dimensions are required.

• Power supply: 90-264 Vac 50-60 Hz, max 100 W
• Operating temperature: 0-50 °C
• Printing technology: solenoid macrocharacter
• Print resolution: approximately 7 dpi
• Print height: from 10 to 57 mm
• Print length: up to 960 columns of dots (approximately 3 meters)
• Types of ink: water based, MEK based, ethanol based
• Maximum printing speed: up to 50 m/min
• No power on or off procedure
• Operator interface: terminal with 128×64 dot graphic display, 8 lines of text, 45-key membrane keyboard
• Creation of 26 logos directly from the keyboard

MacroLine is a solenoid inkjet printer suitable for a wide variety of applications to print date, price, lot, expiration, logos, in low resolution.

Who it’s meant for.
It is used in harsh environments and on products such as cartons, sacks, tubes, products. Printing on porous and non-porous materials based on the ink used. The large printing distance allows you not to be in contact with the product to be marked.
It can be easily integrated into any type of production line.

Operator interface.
The programming and insertion of the texts to be printed are easy and immediate.
Printing in low resolution. The low resolution and the large printed dots make it possible to create simple, but large and visible writings at a distance.
Three lines of text.
With the 17-point head you can write 3 lines of text.

Print height.
Depending on the model (7 or 17 points) and depending on the inclination, high texts from 10 to 57 mm can be written.

Reduced energy consumption.
The integrated electronics in the print head and the switching driving of the solenoids reduce the thermal dispersions of this type of technology and lower its consumption.

No compressed air.
The ink system does not require external compressed air. It is put under pressure only when needed using a micro pump.

Ink systems.
Different models depending on the application.


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