The IconTouch printer management program, installed on the console, operates with the Windows operating system on a PC platform.
The total flexibility that this environment allows translates into enormous operational potential.
The user interface allows you to prepare images for printing and set the various printing features in a simple and intuitive way.
The interface to the field allows you to use input and output signals to create various automated printing functions.
The system uses the new architecture called NetCoder in which the printing parameters and images to be printed are sent at high speed via an Ethernet connection.
In addition to the advantage of speed, there is improved modularity and flexibility of use, faster identification of faults, possibility of controlling up to 4 heads from a single console or up to 8 heads using a PowerBox, possibility of managing different control architectures system (Hi-Res and TIJ together).

Print heads Hi-Resolution Piezo aviable: Print height Drop volume Resolution
NC-128 128-dots binary 17.4 mm 80 pl 180 dpi
NC-508 508-dots grayscale 71.5 mm 12-72 pl  180 dpi
NC-510 510-dots binary 72.8 mm 80 pl  180 dpi
NC-510BC 510-dots binary bicolor 72.8 mm 80 pl 180 dpi
NC-1020 1020-dots binary 145 mm 80 pl 180 dpi
NC-1016 1016-dots grayscale 143 mm 12-72 pl 180 dpi
NC-1524 1524-dots grayscale 214.5 mm 12-72 pl 180 dpi