Our experience serving customers

We have completely internal design and know-how.

Software, hardware, mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic and chemical skills in the same company!
This is because we are positively sure that the integration of different sciences and technologies leads to the best product as well as the cheapest!
A network of suppliers, who over the years have been qualified and made growing with us, helps us along this path.
As we are both designers and manufacturers, we can customize our ink jet systems to suit client’s needs.
We offer our experience at the service of those who want to customize their products and their packaging for a greater visibility and quality.
We give fast answers to special demands!


The beating heart of our systems is software and firmware.
Our team is able to develop software on different platforms and firmware for the microprocessors and FPGAs we use.
Working closely with users and gathering requirements from the market, our developers create solutions and customisations that are constantly evolving.
User-friendliness and openness to the Internet are the basis of our work.


Electronic design has always been one of Gencode’s strengths.
Experience gained in the field and in certification laboratories is poured into our electronic boards to make a reliable, safe, easily repairable product.
The ability to adapt the hardware to a particular equipment, and not the other way around, results in more effective mechatronic solutions.


The close integration of the various parts, boards and hydraulic and pneumatic components is ensured by the 3D design of our systems.
We try to build systems that are not only functional and compact, but also take care of the details and aesthetics.

Hydraulics and pneumatics

Hydraulics and pneumatics are handled by our hardware.
The correct managing of fluids within the printing systems is the basis for reliability over time.
The simplicity of operation, the use of high-quality components, ease of inspection, diagnostics, everything is designed with cost in mind too.


Fundamental to coding, marking and digital printing systems is the choice and qualification of inks.
At the same time, the systems must adapt to the various types of inks in order to achieve superior performance, adhesion on various substrates and greater durability.
At Gencode, great care is taken to ensure the quality of the inks, material compatibility and environmental friendliness.


The requirements of machinery manufacturers and certain sectors force major modifications even on small quantities,
The flexibility of our technical department is able to accompany our customers to the total satisfaction of their requirements.