Gencode is a Company based in Reggio Emilia, a town situated in the middle of Padania Valley which is one of the most industrialized and technologically advanced regions in the world: Padania Valley is the Italian core of Mechatronics, Tile, Food and Packaging Industries.

Our new headquarters was inaugurated in 2018 and from then on, we are ready for new projects and new markets.



We design and assemble Inkjet systems using different technologies since 2002.

We can always offer our customer the best technological solution together with lower prices and more suitable customization thanks to our huge range of products.



We sell our products either to end customers who need to print the date of expiration or production either to manufacturers who need to integrate our ink jet systems into their machine.

As we are both designers and manufacturers, we can customize our ink jet systems to suit client’s needs.

We offer our experience at the service of those who want to customize their products and their packaging for a greater visibility and quality.

We give fast answers to special demands!


Our headquarters was built using green technologies like heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, floor and wall insulation, a 50 m3 tank for rainwater recovery, LED lighting, large windows, recycling, sustainable mobility incentives.

The are growing a park around the company.

Moreover, not only our headquarters in environmentally friendly but also our actions!

 Infact:- in order to lower our environmental impact, we always try to repair faulty electronic boards instead of substitute them with new ones,-we use MOF inks with vegetable solvents,

– in our ink systems we filter and recover ink during the purge.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” (Warren Buffett)


In 2007 a commercial relationship was born with Control Print Ltd, the largest Indian manufacturer of marking and coding systems.

The relationship immediately turned into collaboration and friendship with the sharing of industrial and ethical values.

Thanks to this partnership, GENCODE became even more open to internationalization and turned abroad till bringing its foreign turnover to exceed the national one.


We have completely internal design and know-how.

Software, hardware, mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic and chemical skills in the same company!

This is because we are positively sure that the integration of different sciences and technologies leads to the best product as well as the cheapest!

A network of suppliers, who over the years have been qualified and made growing with us, helps us along this path.



We have strong ties to our territory in fact we collaborate with local technical schools and the local University of Mechatronic Engineering.

We promote culture and we tend to create open spaces for a free circulation of ideas.